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Guerilla Film Godfather Calls Dynamo a "Gamechanger"

If you're an indie filmmaker, or even an aspiring indie filmmaker, then Chris Jones should be your new best friend. He's a filmmaker, an industry booster, an endless source of tips and tricks, host of the "The Production Office", and author of "The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook". In short, the guy really knows his stuff. 

So all of us at Dynamo were more than thrilled when Chris contacted us about online distribution for his award-winning short film, "Gone Fishing". In just a few days, Chris had the film up and running, and available on his own site for just $1.99, including tons of extras like bonus-footage, filmmaker commentary, behind-the-scenes clips, and more. Take a look:  

Chris was apparently pretty excited to discover Dynamo's quick and easy online distribution platform, as he's gone on to write about us on his blog and talk about us during a recent episode of The Production Office. And of course we're pretty excited that a guy like Chris Jones agrees that Dynamo is another valuable tool in the indie filmmaker's arsenal.

Independent Outdoor Filmmakers Choose Dynamo

Over the past couple weeks more than a dozen new films about climbing and mountaineering have been made available online via Dynamo from two European production companies: Posing Productions and Hot Aches. Previously their extensive library of films had been available via DVD, and now Dynamo streaming offers instant gratification to those who just can't wait for their fix of rock, ice and snow.

Outdoor filmmaking is a thriving genre, one we're excited to become a part of, especially since those of us on Team Dynamo seem to have less time to play outside these days than we'd like. It takes an extraordinary set up skills to produce amazing films likes these under such challenging conditions. We hope Dynamo can help these two teams keep up the great work. 

From Posing Productions:   

From Hot Aches Productions:

Let's Give a Warm Welcome to Kevin Pollak!

We couldn't be more excited to announce that the entire 98-episode archive of Kevin Pollak's Chat Show is now available via Dynamo. Kevin's in-depth (and hilarious) conversations with boldface names have long been an office favorite here at Dynamo HQ, and we're not just saying that!

Here's what Kevin had to say about his decision to go with Dynamo (via NewTeeVee.com):

“When I got started in standup comedy, the rule was that if you were good enough to grow an audience, you could earn a living — something that’s true in every other form of entertainment,” he said. “So six months ago, I realized that if I’m going to give this much of my time and energy to this job, it’s not fair to the tradition of an audience paying for its entertainment for it to continue to be free.”

And at just $.99 for 30 days, these hour-long interviews really are a bargain. Enjoy!