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2012 Dynamite Dynamo Doc Award Winners!


Invisible Circus: No Dress Rehearsal has won the first annual Dynamite Dynamo Doc Awards! Director Naomi Smyth will receive $500 USD, an associate membership in the International Documentary Association which includes a subscription to Documentary magazine, as well as a professional membership in the Shooting People filmmakers organization. To be sure she always remembers this moment of greatness, Naomi will also receive an engraved trophy and a very sharp Dynamo baseball hat.

Invisible Circus tells the uplifting underdog story of The Invisible Circus, a group of guerilla performance artists in Bristol who push the limits of legality as they transform abandoned buildings into inspired performance spaces for highly theatrical circus acts. Beyond telling the simple story of the players and their process, Invisible Circus conveys the magic that emerges when wild hearts, honed talents and superior stagecraft illuminate the dark voids created by orphaned buildings. 

Invisible Circus will inspire the artist and surprise the skeptical pragmatist. It is truly a must-see: http://www.invisiblecircusfilm.com/

The 2nd Place award goes to Race to World First, a documentary by John Keating and Zachary Henderson, who win IDA and Shooting People memberships.

Race to World First follows the fierce global competition among dozens of online gamers as they reach for the title of World First in the immersive World of Warcraft role-playing game. More than a film for online gamers, Race to World First tells a story of comradery and competition in a world apart. Largely seen as bands of misfits by others, the teams in this film are all aware of their own social status as both outsiders and champions. Through personal interviews and team meetings, the documentary shares the personal highs and lows behind actual game play. The personal greatness and faults uncovered during the film ultimately lead to the highly public success or failure on a grand virtual stage before their peers. 

Race to World First will be appreciated by anyone who has ever gone to battle — real or virtual — with a team of passionate allies, and by anyone who has ever felt like an outsider in a world of cool kids. Watch it now: http://www.racetoworldfirst.com/

The 3rd Place award goes to Grass Roots: The Prairie Farm Story, a heartland story that offers a way back to sustainable agriculture. Filmmaker Carter Johnson will receive a professional membership to Shooting People and Dynamo hats for the crew. Focused on a small group of farmers who seek to restore prairie farming with common sense solutions, Grass Roots is a unique look at the rich potential and unusual challenges that come with going against the grain in the face of industrial farming.

By telling this story without a political or environmental agenda, Johnson succeeds with a film that informs and appeals directly to every American who cares about the future of food and farms. See it now here: http://www.thegrassrootsfilm.com/


Dynamo Media sponsors the Dynamite Dynamo Doc Awards to encourage excellence in documentary filmmaking and introduce film lovers to high quality films available online. Winners of the 2012 Dynamite Dynamo Doc Awards are all excellent examples of films currently delivered online with the Dynamo Player service.>

Press inquiries should be directed to info@dynamoplayer.com


Dynamite Dynamo Doc Awards!

First Annual Dynamite Dynamo Doc Awards!

Dynamo is awarding three fabulous prizes to the best documentaries released online each year. All you need to do is upload a documentary (can be short or feature length, no serials), set a rental price for your viewers, post it on your film's web site and then tell the world on Twitter and Facebook with the #dynamodoc hashtag.



  • $500 for the best Dynamo documentary of the year.
  • One year IDA associate membership.
  • One year Shooting People pro membership. 
  • Some very sexy filmmaker swag.

2nd Place Winner:

  • One year IDA associate membership.
  • One year Shooting People pro membership. 
  • Some very sexy filmmaker swag.

3rd Place Winner:
  • One year Shooting People pro membership. 
  • Some very sexy filmmaker swag.

Documentaries first released publicly within past 2 calendar years.
Dynamo video player embedded on the film's web site by December 31, 2011.
Film must be available for online rental via Dynamo for at least 30 days.
Award granted based on quality, innovation and general filmmaking excellence.
All individual documentaries (not serials) will be considered and all legal subject matter is eligible.
Post a link on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #dynamodoc to be sure the Dynamo team and your fans see the film.


All documentaries distributed with Dynamo Player are eligible. To distribute your film online, go to: http://dynamoplayer.com and click Sign Up at the top.
To ensure that Dynamo staff consider your documentary, tweet us at @dynamovideo or post a note on the Dynamo Facebook page with the hashtag #dynamodoc and a link to the film on your website or Facebook page.


Inside Look at Gaming

Anyone who loves sports, works in management, plays video games or simply loves to root for a misfit underdog needs to watch one film this weekend — Race to World First.

As teams around the world compete for the championship title, cameras follow the brilliant, quirky and often very funny World of Warcraft gamers. With compelling interviews and sharp edits, Race to World First explores more than just the world of MMO gaming. Conversations with the top participants take you through the mental and physical challenges of running a global team, high stakes competition, and the paradox of being champions in the gaming world while being outsiders to the mainstream world.

We predict a cult hit. Watch it here now, or at www.RaceToWorldFirst.com. And if you know someone who loves rooting for the underdog or just loves online gaming, be sure to click "share" and give them the gift of a rental.