New on Dynamo: One road trip, two films


On the heels of the English gangster/Steve McQueen film pairing we wrote about two weeks back is another double feature of sorts that's now available via the Dynamo Player.

It's a great premise: two English filmmakers, Matthew and Barnaby O'Connor, set off on a road trip across America, making up their new feature film as they go along, and also recording the experience for an accompanying documentary. As the two say on their website, "Making up a movie as you go along.... how hard can it be?"

Now you can see for yourself. The resulting film, "A Horse with No Name," is a great road story about falling in love in a foreign country. As for the behind-the-scenes documentary, "13 States," if you've ever worked on a low-budget, independent film, you'll find plenty to relate to.

One road trip, two films

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